Wolff Verlag in English


The Edition Wolff is a young und independent publishing house, specialized in art, literature and history. It was founded by Robert Eberhardt in 2008 as “Germany’s youngest publisher”.

Selection of our books:

Robert Eberhardt: ATELIERBESUCH Ulrich Moritz (2012)

Ulrich Moritz draws natural objects and landscapes in tradition of an art, which conceives itself as handicraft and mimetic representation. As an autodidact, Moritz has perfected his realistic draughtsmanship and is thereby one of today’s few remaining “Old Masters”.
This ATELIERBESUCH follows the trail of this unique artist, whose apparently anachronistic work differs so much from the contemporary understanding of art. The journey not only raises the question of the status of today’s realistic drawings, but also introduces an artist who is extraordinary in his authenticity and modesty.

Marie-France Rafael: ATELIERBESUCH Pierre Huyghe

The artistic work of the Parisian artist Pierre Huyghe is characterized by an entirely new definition of the boundaries within contemporary art. With his understanding of the heterogeneity of human and cultural processes, he travels in the complexity of history in the search for new forms of expression. As a consequence, Huyghe switches between different mediums to explore the depth of the imaginary and to present a world view where reality and fiction are not contrasting, but indistinguishable and inextricable categories. The detailed dialogue with Huyghe in this ATELIERBESUCH provides an insight into his oeuvre within the context of his past and present projects to present a comprehensive picture of his thinking und artistic creation.

Heinz Piontek: Ich höre mich tief in das Lautlose ein. (2011)

In his search of the beauty, the stunning in nature and the profundity, Heinz Piontek was a successful, but silent writer, even though he has been awarded a literary prize several times, among them the Georg-Büchner-Preis. His work has been translated into 24 languages.
This book invites to a journey through Piontek’s writing. It contains early short stories and poems as well as so far unpublished documents, pictures and watercolours.

Cédric Gruat: Hitler in Paris (2011)

In June 1940 Adolf Hitler travelled to Paris. The propagandistic Photographs of this only a few hours lasting visit went around the world. A dictator on an early Sunday morning in a deserted City. Did he come as a military victor or as a secret tourist? This historical work analyses a mysterious incident and makes out the details of Hitler`s visit to Paris.

Robert Eberhardt: ATELIERBESUCH Klaus Staeck (2011)

This book series Atelierbesuch/Kunstgespräch likes to picture the artist`s thinking and the way he expresses himself in his art in a close interpersonal and architectonic space.
This first volume portrays the graphic-artist Klaus Staeck in his studio in Heidelberg. The convinced social democrat has produced since the sixties a moving oeuvre, which contains more than 350 satirical postcards and posters, as well as multiples and performances. The essay takes a look at the different stages of his life, which are closely related to the social history of the German Federal Republic. This book offers a historical and private approach to the president of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

Robert Eberhardt: Seume und Münchhausen (2010)

While Goethe and Schiller at the height of their literary friendship wrote poems as “Der Taucher”, “Der Handschuh” and “Der Erlkönig” during the “year of the ballad” 1797, Karl von Münchhausen collectively released with the friend of his youth Seume a volume of poems: “Rückerinnerungen”. In six poems they reflect on their exceptional friendship.